POS Campaign

/NOTE/ For this campaign you have to be rank 4 or higher.
1) Mail Jen Juniper a potted plant and receive the Phantom Orchid Blueprint
2)Build 3 Phantom Orchids ( 3 green bricks and 3 purple bricks )
3)Mail 1 Phantom Orchid to Flora, and receive a POS Seal Fragment 1
4)Mail 1 Phantom Orchid to Radia and receive a POS Seal Fragment 2
5)Mail 1 Phantom Orchid to Jen Juniper and receive a POS Seal Fragment 3
6)Find the secret networker
6.1)This is the code
16 8 1 14 20 15 13 5 13 5
Decoding Map
a=1 b=2 c=3 d=4 e=5 f=6 g=7 h=8 i=9 j=10 k=11 l=12 m=13 n=14 o=15 p=16 q=17 r=18 s=19 t=20 u=21 v=22 w=23 x=24 y=25 z=26

7)Build 20 Phantom Orchids (20 green bricks and 20 purple bricks )
8)Trade the secret networker 10 phantom orchids for the gated garden module
9)Build the module with the other 10 phantom orchids, 10 purple bricks and 10 green bricks

10)Build another Phantom Orchid (1 green brick and 1 purple brick)
11)Mail it to the secret networker
12)Collect the blueprint, and build it with the seal fragments 1 , 2 , and 3 , 5 rough diamonds, 5 rough sapphires, 5 rough rubies

13)Trade the secret networker one red flower for the POS Badge Blueprint
14)Make another Phantom Orchid and build the badge
15)You made it!!!

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