Masterpiece List

Here is a list of the masterpieces, where they can be gotten, how much they cost, and how to build them.

1. Crimson Apple Masterpiece
Get it by sending Farmer John an apple pie.
Costs 5 red LEGO bricks and 1 apple to build.

2. Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece
Get it by trading Bee Keeper Bill 20 honey pots on his page.
Costs 10 red flowers, 1 drone bee, 10 worker bees, and 50 honey pots to make.

3. Giant's Hat Masterpiece
Get it by putting a Millstone Hurling Module on your page. Wait until someone battles you and loses, then you can harvest.
Costs 40 Blue Bricks, 1 Giant, 80 Red Bricks, 80 lumber and 1 Millstone to make.

4. Speedy Motorcycle Masterpiece
Get it by trading Radia 1 victory trophy on her page.
Costs 80 Blue Bricks, 40 Yellow Bricks, 5 Victory Trophies, 1 Engine, 2 Tires, and 1
Nitro to make.

5. Jeweled Triceratops Masterpiece
Get it by putting a Dinosaur Excavation Module on your page, and getting 500 clicks on it.
Costs 50 Green Bricks, 50 Purple Bricks, 30 Dino Scales, 3 Dino Horns, 10 Rough Sapphires, 10 Rough Diamonds, and 10 Rough Rubies to make.

6. Craftsman's Cottage masterpiece
Get it by trading Ron Roofer 30 Purple Bricks on his page.
Costs 1 Cottage Foundation, 1 Cottage Plumbing, 1 Cottage Electrical System, 1 Cottage Roof, and 100 Nails.

7. Enchanting Harp Masterpiece
Get it by trading Sandee Starreyed 1 Platinum Album on her page.
It costs 1 Mind Control Emitter, 4 Hypnotic Frequency Machines, 10 Platinum Albums, 1 Electric Guitar, and 50 Orange bricks.

8. Brickota Totem Pole Masterpiece
Get it by trading Vihow 1 Drum Kit on his page.
Costs 1 Totemic Snake, 1 Totemic Owl, 1 Totemic Hawk, 1 Totemic Mountain Lion, 1 Totemic Rabbit, 1 Totemic Turtle, 1 Totemic Wolf and 1 Wi-Fi Transmitter to make.

9. Tower of Many Shields Masterpiece
Get it by trading Wallus Wizzard 1 Grey Brick.
Costs 1 Shield of Discipline, 1 Shield of Strength, 1 Shield of Justice, 1 Shield of Kindness, 1 Shield of Resilience, 1 Shield of Cunning, 10 Philosophical Stones, and 50 Grey LEGO Bricks to make.

10. Intergalactic Masterpiece Blueprint
Get it by trading Commander Hobolt 10 Nebular Crystals on his page.
Costs 100 transparent bricks, 100 grey bricks, 1 Cruiser Command Center, and 1 Cruiser Hull.


troyergoldman said...

I found mistakes in the Intergalactic CRUISER Masterpiece BLUEPRINT.

(everything in CAPS is what you missed)

Sim533 said...

I don't see the mistakes...

troyergoldman said...

Wait, the 'Cruiser' your missed and you added the 'Blueprint'. Sorry.

Sim533 said...

I didn't changed anything, after all Vanderdecken12 created this...