The brick list

Welcome to the brick list. Vanderdecken12 & Sim533

Red LEGO Brick
Rank : 0-10 and all of the miniranks.
Tip: build the factory module rank 2, It create 50 red bricks a day

Blue LEGO Brick
Rank : 2-10

Yellow LEGO Brick
Rank: 3-10
Tip: The BFF (best friend module) is a module that sends yellow bricks to your friend too.

Green LEGO Brick
Rank : 4-10

Purple LEGO Brick
Rank : 4-10

Orange LEGO Brick
Rank : 5-10
Tip: Find You-know-who and begin collecting this brick in rank 4. It is a good launch for the most difficult rank: the cottage rank

White LEGO Brick
Rank : 8-10

Black LEGO Brick
Rank: 8-10

Grey LEGO Brick
Rank: 8-10
Tip: Ask your friend to set you up in the symbiosis module.

Transparent LEGO Brick
Rank: 9-10


Anonymous said...

Help me I need blue bricks!

Im, Benmasterjedi

Sim533 said...

Sorry Blue Bricks are not mailable. Try to get a other rank 2 friend with a electric dam module and maybe the module will sent 20 blue bricks with it. Then buy the module that takes only a few bricks. ( i choose the quixotic gallery module, which cost
3 blue bricks on Don Brickote's page).

Jeremy said...

Sorry Sim533 the electric dam module does not send out 20 blue lego bricks.

ghosthunter23 said...

Jeremy,the electric dam does send 20 blue bricks.

metru-nui-wins said...

It does if it breaks down...

How come i have 760 blue bricks? Im just rank 1.

and I also have 70 yellow ones too....

Sim533 said...


You got probably the SPA badges...

4cody said...

The factory rank 2 grows 15 clicks per day not 50.

Eragon.Saphira said...

What is the fastest or most time and resource efficient way to earn green and orange bricks?

Sim533 said...

Green bricks.
You need to click on that module to have a chance to receive 5 green bricks.

Orange bricks.
>Gaten Garden Module.

troyergoldman said...

Sim533, you misspelled "gated".

Sim533 said...

It's in a comment. It's not that important.

troyergoldman said...

Sim533, could you place 'The Brick List' at the top of the page?

Nitroblasterguy said...

yeah, that bugged me. and can you change "bricks" to "avatar archive" because that is kind of misleading.