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josiahgoldman said...

vanderdecken12,cheshirecat150,sim533, i asked you to be my friend on mln. josiahgoldman

Sim533 said...

Sorry, but I can't accept the one.

josiahgoldman said...

what do you mean.

Sim533 said...

You do not reach the minimum rank for my friend list.

xlegox24 said...

I know a cheat. If you make two accounts, then put out modules like a flower patch module, when you harvest the module(s), you can send the mailable items to your main account, then use the votes on your main accounts modules, to earn easy votes, and items.

My account name is: xlegox24

Sim533 said...

That's considering as cheating.

Anonymous said...

He said it was a cheat.