Pet Bat Module

A spooky pet that's full of surprises! Guests spend 1 Totemic Feed on this module for a chance to win 5 Purple LEGO Bricks. When clicked, this module has a small chance of granting the owner 1 Purple LEGO Brick and a chance to send out a sticker to a random friend on the owner's friendlist. This module also grows 1 Purple LEGO Brick per day, plus 1 for every 3 clicks. Limit 10 Purple LEGO Bricks per day.

Rank: 7
Slots: 1
How to obtain: Send Hokee a Hypnotic Frequency Machine
How to build:
Use 1 Friendship Bracelet, 5 Orange LEGO Bricks, 1 Phantom Orchid, 5 Purple LEGO Bricks, and 5 Green LEGO Bricks

Module Show Off

< /object>

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