Hop Arcade Module

Make your own obstacle course with MLN Hop Arcade game. Your friends will jump and duck to a mini-game of your own design! You can even customize the background, character and obstacles. Guest can play Hop Arcade game by clicking to activate and spending 1 Arcade Token. Owner of this Arcade Game will receive 1 Arcade Token each time this happens. Limit 5 Arcade Tokens per harvest. Guest can win exclusive items such as Stickers, Arcade Tokens, Red, Yellow or Blue LEGO Bricks etc.

Rank: Any
Slots: 3
How to obtain:
Trade Echo 150 red bricks
How to build:
Use 20 red bricks
7% 1 Hop Arcade Sticker
20% 10 Yellow LEGO Bricks
20% 10 Blue LEGO Bricks
11% 100 Red LEGO Bricks
6% 1 Best Bee
4% 1 Millstone
7% 1 Loop.
25% 2 Arcade Tokens

Module Show Off

< /object>

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