Gated Garden Module

A gated garden with the initials P.O.S. on top. Guests must have a Seal of the P.O.S. to click. Guest also get a chance to receive 1 Orange LEGO Brick by clicking. Owner will receive 2 Orange LEGO Bricks per click.This module also grows 10 Orange LEGO Bricks per day. Limit 15 Orange LEGO Bricks per harvest.

Rank: POS
Slots: 1
How to obtain: Buy it on Phantomeme's page for 10 Phantom Orchids
How to build:
Use 10 Phantom Orchids, 10 Purple LEGO Bricks, and 10 Green LEGO Bricks

Module Show Off

< /object>


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but it gives 10 orange bricks per day, and it ALWAYS grow them in odd number.

Sim533 said...

That's a glitch

Mmichi26 said...

The harvest limit is actually 30 due to the glitch.

Lego--castle said...

It differs. When clicked by seal of POS, it's limit 15 per harvest.