Elemental Water Sticker Module

Show off your Sticker Compositions and create Elemental Water! Creates 1 Elemental Water per day, plus 1 for every click. Limit 2 Elemental Water per harvest. Guests receive 1 Totemic Feed for each click spent on this module.

Rank: 7 and 8
Slots: 2
How to obtain:
Send Kotori a friendship bracelet
How to build:
Use 4 friendship bracelets, 1 orange brick, 1 purple brick, and 5 green bricks

1 comment:

Mmichi26 said...

Elemental Water Module has a glitch.The glitch makes the module including the other elemental modules to have a harvest limit of two.When a person clicks the module 2 times the owner gets two elemental.this is a good glitch