Desert Ambush Module

This module looks the same as the Desert Adventure Sticker Module to your guests. When clicked guests risk losing their Thornax. After 5 successful ambushes the owner receives Iconox's Favor. There is a chance this module will send out a message warning your friends of your treachery with every click.

Rank: Part of the bionicle campaign
Slots: 3
How to obtain:
Trade Raanu 1 bonehunter blade on his page. You can also receive it from Strakk when you build the Bio Jungle Adventure Sticker module.
How to build:
Use 2 thornax


ghosthunter23 said...

There's also a chance Strakk might give this module.

Sim533 said...

If you explain it a bit more... then i will give 15 clicks for it !!!

Sim533 said...

We have found it already but because you helped find this way, we will give you ten clicks. Kind Regards Sim533