Concert II Arcade Module

Create your own music game that plays along to your very own musical composition! Use the game editor to make your game as challenging as you’d like. Players can win cool items and blueprints.
Guest can play Concert II Arcade game by clicking to activate and spending 1 Arcade Token. Owner of this Arcade Game will receive 1 Arcade Token each time this happens. Limit 5 Arcade Tokens per harvest. Guest can win exclusive items or Blueprint for own Concert II Arcade game.

Rank: Any
Slots: 1
How to obtain: Win the blueprint from either Concert I or II
How to build: Use 20 red bricks

20%: Concert 11 Arcade
10%: French Horn
10%: 20 Loose Spark
20%: 5 Hit Single
10%: 50 Red LEGO Brick
10%: 1 Concert 11 Game Module
20%: 2 Arcade tokens

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